Interior. Exterior. Ceramic.


Car Detailing Services Serving Othello and the Surrounding Areas

Exterior Car Detailing

So much more than a car wash! 
Our exterior auto detailing packages will have your car looking like new while also helping to protect it against the elements.

Interior Car Detailing

Protect your investment!
Whether you're looking for stain and odor removal or just want a cleaner car for your daily commute, we've got you covered.

Ceramic Coating Services

More durable than traditional waxes!
Quality ceramic coating can protect your car's paint job for years, providing improved scratch resistance and stellar shine.

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Car Detailing Tips

How Do I Maximize my Detail?

When you drop off your vehicle, communicate any specific reason for bringing the vehicle in—like a particular stain you want to be removed—so we can be sure to make those a priority. Also, be sure to remove personal belongings to allow more time for the detailing process.

Is Ceramic Coating Right for Me?

Ceramic coatings are not right for everyone, and they still require maintenance. If you find yourself looking back at your car as you walk away or love handwashing it, you may appreciate a ceramic coating. If you are a daily driver that regularly utilizes automated car washes with brushes, you likely won't be happy with this option. 


Check Out Our Work

See a sample of some of the work we're doing here in Othello. We take pride in our work, ensuring the same high level of quality for each job.